Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week 4: Wednesday

We are going to deviate off our book reading this week.

Instead we are going to read Psalm 31.  You can do this in your Bibles OR you can click the link below to get a printed copy.

As you read....

  • Circle any references to people who were either talking about David or plotting and scheming against him.
  • Draw a box around any verses that mention what David is thinking or feeling or what action he is taking or will take.
  • Place a star next to any verses that tell what God is doing or thinking during this incident in David's life.
  • Go back and put a :) (smiley face) next to your favorite verse or section of this Psalm.
Note-  You may also choose to use three different colored highlighters for the three different marks. (helpful when using and digital Bible)

After you have finished:  What has this little markup exercise taught you?  What principles can you draw from Psalm 31 when you are facing enemies or are the victim of gossip?

If you would like,  share these thoughts in the comment box below.

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