Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 5: Tuesday

Hopefully you have read or are in the process of reading chapter 9 of Keep It Shut.

As you are reading or reflecting  Think about this quote from the book.

Will you commit with me to answering annoying questions in a soft and gentle way?  To refuse to throw gasoline on a small spark that could ignite a fiery family feud or cause a ruckus with your coworkers?  Will you work to defuse the fight before it even begins?  Your family and friends might notice your effort and reward you by responding in kind.
Keep It Shut, p. 164

In chapter 9 of Keep It Shut, Karen recalls how her friend's daughter once scribbled in permanent marker all over the Ehmans' newly purchased children's plastic picnic table.  Though Karen held it together and didn't use an angry tone with the young doodler, it might not have been the same scenario of one of her own dear darlings had played Picasso with that picnic table!  Why do you think it is easier for us to control our tempers--and our tongues-- with those outside our immediate family?

What little pep talk can you give yourself about how this reality should not be?  Write your thoughts in the comment box below.

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