Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 1 Sparks, Squabbles, Spats, and Such: Our Words Matter

Welcome Everyone!

I am so glad that you decided to join us.  Each Sunday, I will post your reading assignment, memory verse, and overview of the week's activities.  Then each night of the work week (M-F)  I will make a daily post pertaining to that week's topic.

You can choose to follow along each night,  or if you get behind, you can go back and complete several activities in one sitting.  It is entirely up to you.

Remember,  this study is about what you make it.

This week's reading assignment is chapters 1 & 2 of your Keep It Shut book.  If you have not ordered or downloaded your book,  you can do that by clicking on the amazon link in the sidebar.  (If you have an electronic device,  you can have your book in seconds)

This week's memory verse is  Proverbs 10: 12-13a

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.  Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning.

This week's overview

  • Monday: Watch the Session 1 Video  and comment with your response to the question on the blog post.
  • Tuesday: Read the blog post and comment with any or all of your responses to the Let's chat questions
  • Wednesday: Read the blog post wrapping up chapter one and then enjoy a musical message from Toby Mac about using your words to Speak Life!
  • Thursday: We will dive into chapter 2 and learn to take some cues from Joseph.  Read the blog post and comment with your responses to the Let's chat questions.
  • Friday: G.R.A.C.E.  & Sharing some Bible passages for you to read and reflect on over the weekend.
Looking forward to an exciting week!


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