Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 2: Wednesday

Has your mouth ever got you in trouble--yes, even made you sin--all because you talked too much?  In your conversation you started to ramble.  The more you spoke, the more your speech dug a deep hole, tripping you up and trapping you inside.  Soon you were in a mighty tangled mess.  It's certainly happened to me.
Keep It Shut, page 49

In chapter 3 of Keep It Shut, Karen tells the story of talking to her friend at the basketball game.  Because her "words were many", things got confusing and a conflict arose. 

Describe a situation in your life-- either in the distant past or sometime more recent--when talking too much got you or someone you know into a heap of trouble.  Now, jot down a couple of sentences that you can use as a go-to phrases when you know the conversation is heading south due to your excessive words. (Example:  "I'm sorry.  I'm talking too much.  I'm gonna just hush up now.")  Use the comment box below to share.


  1. I need to learn to say..."Let me take some time to think about that."

  2. Well... My mouth has a terrible way of getting me in trouble (especially in those teen years). I am still working on mastering the "Interesting, tell me more" and "I need to think about that" among other possible sayings. Work in progress!