Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 3: Monday

As you watch the video below,  record or make a mental note of any thoughts or concepts that stand out to you in the outline that follows:

There is a new national pastime these days: online opinion-slinging!

"I used to wish I could read minds.  And then I got Facebook!"

Sometimes instead of being "friends" on social media, we have frenemies:  someone who appears on the surface to be our friend, but stealthily, they are really an enemy.

Colossians 4: 5-6 serves as a grid to run our words through before speaking them, especially online:

  • Is this comment wise?
  • Will writing this comment help me display God's love to outsiders?
  • Is this comment full of grace?
  • Is this comment seasoned with salt?
  • Have I asked God if this is the best response?
In Matthew 5:13 Jesus tells believers that we are "the salt of the earth."    What might this mean?  Here are some facts about salt:
  1. Salt enhances flavor
  2. Salt preserves.
  3. Salt is valuable.
  4. Salt purifies and softens.
  5. Salt melts hard ice.
When dealing with other people and wondering about their motives, believe the best before you assume the worst.

Our human default setting is to have hard hearts and thin skins.  We need to flip that script and be tenderhearted and thick skinned.

Enjoy the video and when you are done,  Share in the comments box about what part of the video had the most impact on you!
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