Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 1: Thursday

Here we go!  Chapter 2.

In chapter 2 of Keep It Shut, we encounter an example of someone who used his words---and sometimes his silence---wisely and strategically; the Old Testament character, Joseph.  Glance back over this portion in the book (pp. 26-37) and then answer the following questions:

What stands out to you most about the way Joseph behaved when it comes to the words he uttered or even the times he remained silent?  Did you learn anything new that you hadn't discovered about him before?

Karen listed several cues we can take from Joseph's life.  Which most resonated with you?  Reflect on what is happening in your life currently that made that particular cue/statement speak to you.

  1. Beware of bragging--and the impact of your good news might have on others
  2. Say what honors God, not what other people want to hear
  3. Realize that lies are the minuscule snowflakes in a monumental snowball
  4. Give God credit where credit is due
  5. Watch your words in the workplace
  6. Just because you have a reason to retaliate does not mean you're justified in doing so
  7. Don't be God
  8. Do be nice
Now go back and consider which one of these statements you most want to work on this next week.  Share it with us below in the comment section.  Then for added effect, write the statement on a stick note and post it somewhere you will be sure to see it.  Or set a calendar reminder on your phone for a few days from now with the particular phrase that you chose.  When it pops up, do a quick self evaluation to see how you are doing with regards to that principle from the life of Joseph.

Tomorrow is Friday!



  1. # 6 stands out to me right now because of my present situation in life. It does me no good to seek retaliation. It only hurts me. I also have to remember that God is the one in control and He will be the one to take care of things. I don't need to do that with my big mouth. LOL

  2. #4 and #7 stand out to me. I have often find myself saying "when do I get some credit". Or "Why should I go through this when no one seems to care or notice". Or "why doesn't anyone seem to notice what I do". Over the years I have had to learn to let God accept responsibility for what is done. If that means things are wonderful - then it means God gets the glory. If that means things don't work out - then it means God will have to work it out. I am not God (like #7) - instead I am an instrument of God that He uses to do His will. So as long as I let God be God and so long as I give God the credit and so long as I simply take the role of being his faithful servant - then life is so much more peaceful and certainly not as stressful. I still struggle with this - but I have found things to be so much less stressful when I remind myself of that.