Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 3: Thursday

Moving right along to chapter 6.  If you haven't read it yet,  take some time to read it and then check back.

Reread the section of chapter 6 in Keep It Shut about the various properties of salt (pages 106-110).

We briefly covered these in the video outline from Monday and they are repeated below for your convenience.  As you read through them,  select your favorite finding and then post a few sentences about why it is meaningful to you.

  • Salt enhances flavor.
  • Salt preserves.
  • Salt is valuable.
  • Salt purifies and softens.
  • Salt melts hard ice.
  • Salt prevents infection in a wound.
  • Too much salt destroys the dish.

1 comment:

  1. Salt can melt hard ice. You can soften others and show them the peace and love of Christ just by what you say and do. I would much rather be thought of as someone who pointed others in the direction of God rather than someone who pointed them away.