Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 3: Tuesday

So hopefully you have read chapter 5 of Keep It Shut.  If you have not,  you may want to go back and read it before continuing.

In chapter 5,  Karen shared a story of her unkind words delivered with wrong motives to a woman who was at her home.  Did this story spark a memory of when you may have said something that was technically true, but you said it with a wrong motive--in order to make someone else feel bad or guilty?

Food for thought....

Read Proverbs 16:2 in as many Bible versions as you can find. (You may want to use an online source such as BibleGateway.com)  Then in the comment box below, summarize this verse in a sentence that is applicable and memorable to you.

"If we want to become people who not only utter words that are true but also say them for the right reasons, what are we to do?  How do we train our brains and tame our tongues in order to make sure that our motives and manners line up with God's Word?  Whenever I need practical wisdom like this, one of the first places I look for answers is the book of Proverbs."

Keep It Shut, page 81

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